Friday, April 23, 2010

McKinney Porches

I have never lived in such a beautiful community like this one. I am mesmerized by the houses as I take my morning walks. And there is truly nothing like wondering the streets at night with lights on inside the houses and seeing the gorgeous rooms of the most magnificent homes anywhere! I just a tad bit partial to my neighborhood? Could be, but just take a look at some of these pictures I've captured and see for yourself. It was a bright day so the pictures are a bit washed out, but still you cannot deny the beauty these people have put into their homes. To each and every homeowner, I say thank you. What a privilege it is to call this town my home!!

Who doesn't want to rock away the morning on this porch. Give me a mint julep on this bad boy and I could wile away some hours in deep pleasure!

You've got to admit how sweet and inviting this is. I wish I could show you all my pictures and all the houses. They each have something to shout to the world. Look at me. Just look at me. And more importantly, stay awhile...

I couldn't resist this one. I just love the little bistro table and chairs. I've begun a series of fiber art depicting some of these porches. I'll post my artwork on Jill Luigs Art as soon as I get all the pieces done. These porches have been such great inspiration for me.

And to my Colorado friends, you would not believe the prices of houses around here. They're selling for less than what we would consider a down payment!

I call this one the Alice in Wonderland house. What a gift to be able to call this neighborhood home. I am so very, very blessed. Thank you, McKinney!

Also, click onto ExpressiveHart (a blog by a dear friend of mine, Silky Hart Michero) to see more front porches in McKinney.